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Little Blossoms

Little Blossoms is our new summer ministry for children entering K-4. Starting Tuesday (7/7) from 10 am to noon in our Church lot, Little Blossoms will be a high energy, in-person session to share the joy and love of God with our little ones. Each session will include crafts, games, bible stories, lunch, and lots of fun. 

This free program will run through August 11th and is open to all K-4 children. Precautions will be taken to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Large open-air tents will be popping up soon to make play space on rainy days. Be sure to spread the word to friends and family.

Click here to sign-up!

Congratulations to all of our graduates!

Molly, Nick, Jackson, Colby, Josias, Addie, and Kathryn from high school and Sara, Mackenzie, John, Nikki, and Matteo from college. 

Black Lives Matter!

As a part of United Church of Christ we believe in standing up for social justice and people. We believe in having conversations, growing as people of faith, and loving one another. Here are some resources to help guide you on this important journey. The Cross and the Lynching Tree: A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery

From UCC Racial Justice-

Restorative justice means celebrating humanity’s rich cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds, traditions, and expressions of faith. Racial justice demands Christians actively, boldly, and without reservation participate in dismantling racism within systems and structures that oppress people, limit equal access, and denies children, women, and men their civil and human rights.

Our intention is to disrupt and dismantle structures and systems that perpetuate racism. Racism has no place in our world. Racism must never be taught as a Biblical principle because God did not create superior people groups and cultures. Racism should never be tolerated in worship spaces, preached from pulpits, allowed in communities, or supported by local, state, and national government leaders.

We affirm God’s creation. All people bear God’s image and likeness with equal status.

God desires all people be treated with dignity and respect, to live free, and move about the earth without borders, walls, and threats of separation and annihilation.

God is Still Speaking


Visit our website:

For more information contact: Velda Love, Minister for Racial Justice (216) 736-3719

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