Providing spiritual guidance and support for an entire community is a daunting task for any pastor.  Our pastor is fortunate to have the help of a team of six deacons to assist them in their spiritual duties.  Two new deacons are elected each year for a three year term at the congregation's annual meeting in January.  During their years of service, deacons assist with Sunday services, check in with members of the congregation, offer prayers of support and help the pastor provide multiple opportunities for spiritual experience and learning for the congregation. 


The deacons serving the church in 2019 are:

  • Lisa Bessette - Chair

  • Chris Hill - Treasurer

  • Cherie Vachon- Secretary

  • Marybeth Partington

  • Amy Masbeck

  • Barbara Rathburn




In 2015 the church founded a new team to assist the pastor and deacons with their work.  The Care Team will work closely with the deacons to ensure that fellowship is extended to all and that every congregant feels welcome and supported in our community.  Care Team duties will include coordinating coffee hours, greeting congregants on Sundays, reaching out to visitors after services and checking in with people who are ill or struggling who may need the support of friends in the church community.

The Congregational Church of Vergennes

30 South Water Street

Vergennes, VT 05491

(802) 877-2435

Pastor: Rev. Elliott Munn

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