Through the years our church has reached out to help those in need, near and far.  We believe kindness and compassion are central to our lives as Christians.

Mission Committee


The Mission Committee, a group of volunteers from within the church family, help guide our efforts as a community of faith to discern the work that God would have us do locally and around the world.  The Committee leads many service endeavors throughout the year including: collections for various organizations such as Church World Service; support of the John Graham Shelter throughout the year but also specifically at Thanksgiving and Christmas to ensure joyous holidays for all; coordinating VUCC's participation in the annual CROP Walk each autumn; and support of countless other activities including those listed on this page.

Vergennes Community Food Shelf

Started in a back room of the church more than 20 years ago, the Vergennes Community Food Shelf now serves approximately 6,000 Addison County residents annually from the red building beside the manse.  This cooperative community effort is staffed by volunteers from our church and several other area churches.  The Food Shelf is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm - 4pm and Saturdays from 8am - 10am for those seeking assistance.  Non-perishable donations may be dropped in the box under the connector at any time or inside the church when it is open.  Perishable or large donations may be dropped off by appointment.  Please call the church.

Prayer Partner Church


In 2014 our church became a Prayer Partner Church with the Graterford Penitentiary in Pennsylvania where former VUCC pastor Russ Gates is chaplain.  Our primary responsibility is to hold inmates in prayer and exchange anonymous prayer requests with them.  A dozen or so prayer requests are received monthly and shared with the congregation.

Fuller Center for Housing


After years of sending volunteers abroad with Habitat for Humanity, in 2015 VUCC partnered wtih the Fuller Center for Housing to send a group of 24 adults and teens to Nicaragua to build houses.  The group was blessed to experience the joys of giving in another country.

Community & Pastoral Aid


In addition to the multitude of planned avenues for giving through our church community, our congregation also helps out many people through aid facilitated by our pastor and administrator. Barbara and Mike field requests for assistance, either through various community agencies or directly from individuals. They regularly help mobilize resources to help people in need and offers financial support through the church's mission funds whenever possible to help with fuel assistance, medicines, groceries, car repairs and more.


Barbara also provides spiritual support to individuals who are ill, injured or convalescing by visiting and calling them, connecting them to supports within the church family (for help with meals, rides, childcare, etc.) and helping the community lift them up in prayer.

Table of Grace


More help for the hungry comes through the Table of Grace free dinner offered in our fellowship hall.  Alternating with four other churches, Table of Grace dinners enable those in need of meal support or even simple companionship to come out once a month for a hot meal.  Visit our Events page to find out when and where the next dinner is.  Contact the church if you'd like to help out!

Laundry Love

Laundry Love is a ministry that seeks to bring economic relief to families and individuals by helping them with Laundromat costs, giving them the option to redirect funds to food, gas, or other needs. For those living near or below the poverty line, laundry is a logistical problem and a financial hardship. Being unable to do laundry has a real social cost: think of going to work or school without clean clothes.


Our church is partnering with the Vergennes Laundromat to assist people who are struggling financially to help them get to the Laundromat and clean their clothes.  The heart of this ministry is partnering with our neighbors, getting to know them better, and assisting them in a grassroots, practical way.

Laundry Love has been called modern-day foot washing! 


Join us on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 6-9 p.m. at Vergennes Laundromat. 


Want to help? Volunteers are needed to drive neighbors to and from the Laundromat, and to offer quarters, laundry soap, and hospitality while people are washing clothes. 


Questions? Contact Marcia Mazeine at mmazeine@gmavt.net

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