Nother Weekend

Blessings to you all, I just got back from a very special time with Betty Corvan’s family as we shared in a service of committal for her at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Randolph complete with military honors. It was great reconnecting with her family. The family got a kick out of my description of Betty’s driving style (I said she drove by braille). She was quite a character. The Veterans' Cemetery is beautiful – so if you are traveling on 89 and have about a half hour to spend, drive through the cemetery – it is great place to walk as well. This Sunday’s worship service will focus on Mark 5:21-43. This is a story of Jesus healing two women (OK one is only 12). I will refer to a couple


Blessing All, As we look to the last weekend in Spring it seems by many calculations that the next two days will be on the busy side. I know a number of you will be out hiking and kayaking. In the life of the church tomorrow morning at 10:00 we will be celebrating the life of Jim Meacham Sr. with a committal service to follow in West Addison. At 2:00, Matt Wollam-Berens will be ordained at the Middlebury Congregational Church. Matt and I worked together on his ordination paper. On Sunday the focused text will be Mark 4:35-41 with maybe some help from 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 followed by a sermon entitled: “Withnessing Jesus.” The gospel this week tells the story of Jesus calming the stor

Your Turn

Blessings to you all, This Sunday the scripture focus will be on Mark 4:26-34 which includes the parable of the mustard seed. One of the verses refers to Jesus only teaching in parables. Parables are teaching stories which use, as a catalyst, something known, be it an object (mustard seed) or stories of people (prodigal son) and moves into a teaching much larger and more profound than the original starting point. As I reflected, as only someone with a bolding head can do, upon the mustard seed story, I thought it would be a great idea to offer the congregation a chance to share their own – self-developed parables. What I would like to do is encourage anyone who wishes, to think of someth

Where are you?

Peace and Joy to you all, This Sunday we will celebrate both a baptism and communion – two sacraments one day. If you are into the theology of God carrying a clip board with a checklist for each person – here is your chance to get two checks in on time period. Can it get any better than that. Yes it can – we will be focusing a short message (I thought you would like that) on Genesis 3:1-15 and Mark 3:20-35 with a message from Genesis: “Where are you?” This title has its genesis in Genesis – the story of Adam and Eve and their unfortunate dietary choices. Following some coffee at Fellowship Time anyone interested in discussing the “Bible and Science” are invited to gather upstairs in the

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