Sharing Time

Blessings to you all, Betty and I had a great two-day get-away in Maine. We got in two rounds of golf. I shot 2 under par for the first round and one under for the second. Betty shot just a a bit over for each round. Because we are trying to get into shape we did not rent a motorized cart or even pull carts, we carried the whole 36 holes. Each of us carried our own club (a putter). This Sunday’s service will focus on Luke 12:13-21 with maybe a bit of help from Colossians 3:1-11. The sermon is entitled: “Sharing Time.” You have heard of the phrase: “Relax - Eat, Drink and be Merry.” I wonder where that comes from? Abigail will offer a children’s activity this week focusing on “honor

The Lord's Prayer

Blessings to you all, The lectionary readings for this Sunday includes the Gospel of Luke’s version (11:1-4) of the Lord’s Prayer. There is another version which may be more recognizable to us in the Gospel of Matthew (6:7-13). We will include both of these readings as well as Colossians 2:6-15 with a sermon entitled: “Unpacking the Lord’s Prayer.” We will share some time together looking at the phrases of this prayer and sharing thoughts that may bubble up as we explore something so “known” and “familiar” that it might have even lost a bit of its significance. If you have a bit of time before Sunday – go through the Lord’s Prayer and see or sense what the Spirit might be opening you t


Blessings All as we head into yet another summer weekend. It has been a busy week at the church with a very FUN picnic on Wednesday at Button Bay State Park. Close to 30 of us gathered for an informal time together. The passing thundershower brought us a bit closer together – under the pavilion – but it was great time – thank you Abigail for organizing it. This afternoon and evening our church will be providing and serving the Community Supper at the Middlebury Congregational Church. This weekend also includes – a SUNDAY. We will celebrate two (2) baptisms this Sunday and our scripture focus will be on Luke 10:38-42 with maybe a bit of help from Colossians 1:15-19. The gospel story focus

Crossing the Road

Blessings Church Family, Tomorrow, Sunday, will be a special day. Not only will be gathering to share in worship but we will celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism for Alexander Sinkevich. As we celebrate his entrance into the Christian Faith Universal we will also celebrate the entrance into church membership of three people tomorrow as well. The children’s activity will have as a theme “honoring others’ voices” and the activity will be sharing the Sioux story of “The Talking Stick” followed by each child painting a talking stick. As always, Abigail will incorporate prayer and a Bible verse to ground the learnings within the context of our Christian Faith foundation. With all of the New Life


Blessings --- Church Family As we enter this 4th of July weekend with the blessings of Sunday worship smack tab in the middle of it – what more could we ask for. This Sunday the scripture focus will be on 2 Kings 5:1-14 and Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 with a message entitled: “Sacred Interference.” We will celebrate Communion together (if you wish to support the Deacons’ Fund you certainly can do that anytime but there will be special offering envelopes in the pews for that purpose). The children’s activity this week will be “Cooking for Coffee Hour.” I will send Abigail’s summer children’s activity schedule via another email. We will also have hard copies in the bulletin this Sunday. Next Sun

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