Blessings to you ALL, This Sunday – in 2 days – we will celebrate our life together in worship. The scripture focus will be on the story of Zacchaeus – a crowd – a tree – and the eyes and the heart of Jesus. That story is found in Luke 19:1-10. We will also read and lean upon Habbakuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4. The sermon title is: “Great Expectations.” An initial operative question is: “Have you ever accomplished something?” My guess is that you have. How did that happen? OK – 2 questions. Have a great weekend I look forward to seeing you on Sunday In Christ Gary

Me - We - One

Blessings Church, Tomorrow is Sunday and I look forward to our time in worship as we learn,grow share and care together. The scriptures for tomorrow are: Joel 2:27-29 and Luke 18:9-14 with a sermon entitled: “Me-ness – We-ness – One-ness.” Kind of catchy – isn’t it? We are planning a Mission Moment from a member of the AA group that meets in our church on Tuesday evenings and if all goes as planned the choir will be singing one of my/our favorite anthems. Sounds like a good time to gather. See you tomorrow In Joy Gary PS - I forgot to mention that we will be receiving our annual One Great Hour of Sharing Offering tomorrow. This offering is combined with offerings across the UCC spectru


Blessings to you all, This Sunday, our scriptural focus will be on Luke 18:1-8 with some help from 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5. In 2 Timothy, the writer encourages people of faith to be proclaim the message in favorable times as well as unfavorable times. If you were to be asked if the times we are in are favorable or unfavorable – how would you answer it? We may work on that question a bit on Sunday. Also, another question to ponder, when, during this past week, did you experience shalom – or a sense of the gospel of compassion and love and harmony? We may work a bit on that as well. There will be 20 people participating in the Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner event tomorrow evening beginning at

What Can I Do?

Blessings All, This weekend (including Sunday) I will be away with family celebrating a wedding. Mary Kerr will be providing a message for Sunday’s service entitled: “What Can I Do?” Lisa Bessette will be leading worship for us. The scriptures are: Psalm 121 and John 14:25-27. Mary has chosen the hymns and the last one is a real winner, a poem set to music: “I Feel the Winds of God Today.” I am sorry I will be missing her message and her spirit and time together with you. Please continue to pray for all who have been in and will be in harms way as Hurricane Matthew’s destructive journey continues. Thank you for your support to our denomination’s ministries and the ministries of Habit

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