First Sunday

Blessings All, I hope and trust that you all have had a wonderful – fulfilling Thanksgiving. This Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent – the first Sunday of a new church year. We have a lot going on so – here goes ... Our scripture passages for this Sunday are: Isaiah 2:1-5 and Matthew 24:36-44 – with a Sermon entitled: “Re-Purposing.” Think about an item you may have around the house – designed to do a particular job – and you reworked it to do another job. (I am not talking about your spouse or life-partner here.) Following worship and a bit of coffee, Abigail will coordinate an intergenerational Advent Wreath Making workshop. There will be some other activities as we join together

Thank You

Blessings All, The 13th/14th century German theologian/philosopher and mystic once said: "If the only prayer you uttered was “thank you” it would be enough.” This Sunday we will focus on Thanksgiving as we celebrate our time and life together. This is Celebration/Stewardship Sunday and there will be a time for people in the church to come forward with their Estimates of Giving for the church and its ministries for 2017. You can bring your pledge card in or fill one out at church. There will be a box at the back of the church if you choose not to come forward. If you will not be in church this Sunday – just send in your pledge card or contact Kathy Barrett directly at: klbarrett@gmavt,

Beacon - ing

Blessings to you all, This Sunday we will celebrate our time together focusing on Isaiah 65:17-25, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13 and Luke 21:5-19 with a message entitled: “Beacon – ing.” In all three of these passages from the Lectionary readings for this Sunday, people are looking out into the world with concern and worry and questioning is there a future and if so – what does that future look like and what is our role in moving toward such a future? We will also have a dedication for the new church sign to be attached to the exterior of the front of our church. The sign is literally ALL THERE. This is the second Sunday leading toward Celebration Sunday on the 20th. We will have a Stewardship

Stewardship Moment

I started coming to this church regularly, after making many annual visits on Christmas Eve. I came because I craved the peacefulness of worship, the solace of the hymns, the uplifting organ music, and this beautiful sanctuary. I also came remembering mother and being at church with her. To be completely truthful, my preference would have been for a church with a female pastor. Yet, Gary was clearly authentic and striving with humility, wisdom and compassion. He speaks deeply from his heart and routinely touches mine. I don’t believe I could have found a better role model, in either gender. While I came for worship, music, and meaning, unlike many people who go to church, I did not come for


Blessings to you all, This coming Sunday (REMEMBER TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK) we will focus on 3 scripture passages: Amos 7:7-9, Zechariah 7:1-10 and Luke 20:27-38. The sermon is entitled: “Un-Shaken.” We will celebrate Communion (remember the Deacons’ Fund) and we will have our first of three Stewardship Moment Sharings as we begin this year’s Stewardship Campaign. Your pledge packets are in your mailboxes and we will mail out those which were not picked up on Sunday – early next week. The children will be doing some cooking /baking for the John Graham Shelter during their Sunday School time on Sunday. Just a reminder to have the children bring their candy, from Halloween, in and we wil

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