Blessings to you all, I believe there were about 145 – maybe 175 people who took advantage of last week’s semi-sacred skiing dispensation. You are all welcome. This Sunday – NO DISPENSATION. No more light and fluffy pastor – I am serious - and I might even mean it. Just sayin. This Sunday will be an eventful Sunday. I will leave it at that – for now. Beyond that – are focal text will be the annual mountain top experience of the Transfiguration from Matthew 17:1-9. This is the last Sunday before Lent. The sermon title is: “Listen Up.” I would like to invite the congregation to help me out with some stories or teachings of Jesus. What is your most meaningful – or one of your most mea

A Dispensation

Blessings to you all, This weekend looks like it will be great holiday weekend with Sunday right in the middle of it. If you are a skier – and are tugged to the hills this weekend – I have been authorized by the sheer virtue of my authoritative position – to offer dispensation to anyone wishing to enjoy God’s creation in the snow instead of worshipping with a loving, caring, vitally compassionate family of faith here in this little city in the valley. Not to over-due the enticement thing – but – we will be reading from Leviticus (do I hear a big “yay” on that one). It will not be from the juicier Levitical texts. (Leviticus 10:1-2, 9-10 does mention concern for the poor and the alien whic

One Great Hour of Sharing

Blessings All, This Sunday, Rev. Pam Lucas will be preaching the sermon and visiting during coffee hour. Pam is an Associate Conference Minister and has years and years of experience working with and for the local churches in the Vermont Conference of the UCC. The texts for this Sunday are: Deuteronomy 30:11-20 and Matthew 5:21-37 with a sermon entitled: “What Does Loving God Look Like?” I will be leading the rest of the worship service. This Sunday we will receive our annual OGHS (One Great Hour of Sharing) offering. This is an ecumenical effort to provide funds to address suffering around the world. An offering envelope will be in your bulletin on Sunday or you may send in a check t

When is it now?

Blessings Faith Family, This Sunday we will gather to share in Communion. We will also share in the Affirmation of Ministry as we recognize, dedicate and affirm the ministries of those newly elected officers and committee members who will be serving this church for 2017. The scripture passages for this Sunday are: Isaiah 68:1-9a and Matthew 5:13-16 with a Message entitled: “It Is Always – NOW.” Kind of deep – heh. The primary passage will be from Matthew’s Gospel – light of the world – salt of the earth. During Sunday School time the younger children will be creating tissue paper stained glass windows – celebrate the light shining. I look forward to sharing some quality time with you a

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