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Blessings to you all,

This Sunday the scripture focus will be on Mark 4:26-34 which includes the parable of the mustard seed. One of the verses refers to Jesus only teaching in parables. Parables are teaching stories which use, as a catalyst, something known, be it an object (mustard seed) or stories of people (prodigal son) and moves into a teaching much larger and more profound than the original starting point. As I reflected, as only someone with a bolding head can do, upon the mustard seed story, I thought it would be a great idea to offer the congregation a chance to share their own – self-developed parables. What I would like to do is encourage anyone who wishes, to think of something known and translate that, augment that, into something more profound, known by one as parablizing. The operative question will be: “How does this particular object, story, etc. that you have chosen, reflect the character of God or God’s love?”

If you are, in the Myers-Briggs scheme of things, intuitive, you may find this relatively easy. If you are on the sensing scale it might be a bit of a leap but I think it will be a leap worth taking as we learn different perspectives of the God we worship through the eyes, hearts and minds of each other. This should be fun.

We will be receiving the Strengthen the Church Offering which goes to support ministries of our wider church (UCC) with new church starts and vitalizing assistance for existing churches. If you cannot make it to church you can send your donation to the church directed to Kathy Barrett with a memo STC.

The Women’s Fellowship will begin their no-bake sale fundraiser to support their ministries. This will go through the end of June.

Peace and Joy to you all and I hope to see you on Sunday.

in Christ,

highly reflective - Gary

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