Two Sundays

Blessings to you all,

Tomorrow, the 4th of July, the birthday of our great country, Betty and I will be traveling with our two daughters and their families to Maine for a week. From the surface this may look like a family vacation and that is the intent, to look like a family vacation but that is not the whole story. The following is only for internal consumption, please do not share this with anyone who you respect or the one who respects you. Our sister state, the semi-great state of Maine, is under siege, threatened by an ever-growing population of lobsters. The real concern is that these lobsters may start moving onto land and if they ever get voting rights, who knows where Maine will go. To address this threat, known by one, three New England states have each called up a crack or crock team. The great state of Vermont, along with the states of New Hampshire and Connecticut have been chosen to send forth a battle team. Our family, over the years, has been preparing for just such a time as this and now our mission is on. Under the guise of an innocent family vacation, we are going forth with a focused intent to reduce the lobster population. We understand that this is not a job for just anyone – and we are willing to do it, for Maine and for our way of life. Over this next week away, if you are bored, think about us from time to time.

As we are away, Cherie Vachon, with some help from Rich Strum, will be leading worship on the 5th. Her message is entitled: “Wonderings” with scriptures from Ezekiel 2:1-5 and Psalm 123.

As our mission (see above) will require me to miss two Sunday in a row, The Rev. John Sanborn, sometimes known as Debbie’s husband, will be leading worship on July 12th and offering Communion. John was a student pastor here in 2007 and became our Associate Pastor until 2010 when he was called to the Pawlet Church. John and Debbie, two very special people, are both retired and planning to move to the west coast to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

In case of any pastoral needs, Rev. Steve Payne from the Addison Community Baptist Church will be available and Mike has the contact information.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful week

In Faith


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